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Premium and Basic fares include a 20 kg baggage allowance per passenger (cabin + hold)

Other fares‚ the allowance is 10 kg of luggage per passenger (cabin + hold)

Excess Baggage: Excess baggage may be carried and upon payment of the respective fee of € 8.10 / kg + VAT

MEASUREMENTS: 158 cm maximum (height + width + length)


You can use Sevenair exclusive baggage handler service: your luggage will be labeled with a red sticker‚ and once you arrive at your destination‚ your luggage will be returned to you on the plane

If your hand luggage measures exceed the established size‚ you should check your baggage at the airport check-in counters.

MEASURES: 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

WEIGHT: 8 kg (maximum)

Handles‚ pockets and wheels included in the dimensions.

On some aircraft serving Sevenair (Dornier 228 and Jet Stream 32)‚ there are limitations due to space restrictions in the cabin of the aircraft.
If the dimensions do not allow it‚ or if you travel in the emergency queue or in the first row of the cabin‚ the luggage should be placed in a basement.

Also‚ on flights with a very high occupancy rate‚ it may be necessary to place your carry-on luggage in the hold for lack of space on board.


Golf Bag: It is considered as a transportable volume within the passenger's baggage allowance ‚exceeding the total number of free weight allowed will be considered as excess baggage.

Surfboard: Single value of € 45.00 (round trip) / € 30.00 (one way) up to 7kg; Above 7kg‚ € 8.10 per kg.

Bike: Single value of € 70.00 (round trip) / € 35.00 (one way) up to 15kg; Above 15Kg‚ € 8.10 per kg.

Recommendations for its transportation in the hold:

 Both types of equipment are accepted as checked baggage to be transported in the hold;

  • They must be packed with the handlebars turned sideways and the pedals must be removed;
  • Alternatively‚ the equipment can be wrapped in cellophane or other similar material and packed in a cardboard box;
  • It is recommended that the handlebars are turned at a 90º angle and firmly secured in this position.
  • Bicycles must be presented at check-in with partially deflated tires.

Paragliding equipment: transported in one bag. Motorized paragliders are not allowed. Single value of € 70.00 (round trip) / € 35.00 (one way) up to 15kg; Above 15Kg‚ € 8.10 per kg.

Diving equipment: a bag / suitcase consisting of a mask‚ two fins‚ a regulating device‚ a hydrostatic vest‚ breathing tube‚ weight belt and an empty bottle‚ for safety reasons (the transport of compressed air bottles is prohibited because it is a dangerous article). Single value of € 70.00 (round trip) / € 35.00 (one way) up to 15kg; Above 15Kg‚ € 8.10 per kg.

Fishing equipment: It includes: 1 fishing gear‚ 1 fishing net‚ 1 pair of fishing rods (properly conditioned)‚ 1 fishing rod. One price of € 70.00 (round trip) / € 35.00 (one way) up 15kg; Above 15Kg‚ € 8.10 per kg.

Skydiving Equipment: Transported in one bag. Included in the baggage allowance. Note : Carry On Bags: Yes; Checked Bags: Yes.

You may transport parachutes‚ either with or without Automatic Activation Devices‚ in carry-on or checked bags.

Parachutes should always be packed separately from other baggage. If a TSA officer determines that a bag must be opened to inspect the parachute‚ you must be present to assist in the inspection. If you are not within the screening area‚ you will be paged using the airport intercom system; if you are not present to assist with screening the parachute‚ the parachute will not be allowed on the plane. For this reason‚ passengers with parachutes are encouraged to add 30 minutes to the airlines' recommended arrival window. TSA is not responsible for repacking parachutes. All parachutes should be thoroughly inspected at their end destination to make sure that the equipment is still safe to use.

Note: To these values adds VAT at the rate in force.

The luggage conditions for babies (less than 2 years) are different.

If you travel in this situation‚ be aware that you can carry food and hygiene (bag with max 2 kg) inside the airplane for use and consumption of the baby.

Carrying of baby luggage is only allowed for free transport of the fully collapsible baby stroller as hold baggage or the transport of the stroller or basket (check if they are suitable to carry on board).


If your luggage exceeds 32 kg‚ it can not be transported.

Identify your luggage inside and out with your name and contact information

The time limit for acceptance on the flight is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight (indicated on your ticket).

 The carrier is not responsible for the non-acceptance of the flight of passengers who‚ during the aforementioned period‚ have not fulfilled flight acceptance and baggage check formalities at the carrier's check-in counters.

Do not forget that‚ according to the conditions of the transport contract that are included in the ticket‚ fragile‚ perishable or valuable items must not be transported inside the baggage because‚ according to international standards‚ the airlines do not cover the incidents that These items are produced for loss or damage.